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  • 關于我們








        Beijing Blueyu Culture Development Co., Ltd. is an international cultural and creative group that concentrates on design of industrial tourism, theme park and chateau. Blueyu Culture has been dedicating to innovation in areas like industrial tourism, chateau, theme park and futuristic town, providing our partners with integrated whole industrial chain and systematic services from project scheme, planning, design, implementation, investment, financing service to entrusted operation.


        Many years’ experience and accumulation had made Blueyu Culture one of the leading cultural and creative enterprise in China, creating many influential projects with culture connotations in sub-fields in industrial tourism like manufacturing, wine-making, food production, movie production, entertainment and industrial relics. The company has been committing to the thorough study of industrial tourism in recent years, creating her own brand: Industrial Tourism Theme Park by combining industrial products with tourism industry, bringing in good economic and social benefits.


       The company has hundreds of employees from China, Europe and the United States, an elite team including Doctors and Masters, realizing cross-border integration, and an expert advisory team with many experts and academicians home and abroad supports the sustainable development of the company. The Company also sets up a team of over 200 members for operation and digital multi-media production, providing quality guarantee for the implementation of the project. Adhering to the concept of creation leads the future, the Company also sets up her creative design center that take German team as the core, leading the domestic market with creative up-to-date and classic industrial tourism ideas.


    • 李軍 JunLi

      李軍 JunLi


      Speech WE are very conscientious in the performance of our duties,to make sure the quality of our work. WE break the physical restriction of the world with a creative and uncomstrained open mind. WE enriched the connotation of the entertainment industry by updating our knowledge ceaselessly. WE are Blueyu Culture Development Co., Ltd., a great team of profession,faith,service and creation! 寄語 我們,以兢兢業業的工作態度,保證主題策劃的整體品質 我們,用天馬行空的創意思路,來突破物理世界的限制 我們,靠源源不斷的知識結構升級,不斷深化延展娛樂的內涵 我們是藍裕文化發展有限公司,一個專業、誠信、服務、創新的高效團隊!

    • 米爾科 Mirko Obert

      米爾科 Mirko Obert


      Speech “China is of utmost importance and significance for our company. Not only is it the fastest growing market but also offers the greatest possibilities to create extraordinary and outstanding projects that will furthermore shape the future of customer experience and international standards in the Leisure Industry.” 寄語 “中國對于我們公司 -是極其重要并有深遠意義的,他是全球發展最快的市場,為我們提供最大的機會去創造出色的項目,這些項目也將會進一步培養出前所未有的客戶體驗,同時將國際化標準帶入中國的休閑產業,促進中國商業地產品牌化和國際化”

    • 馬克 Marko Obert

      馬克 Marko Obert


    • 維多 Vidor Fabian

      維多 Vidor Fabian


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